Wednesday, March 1, 2017


Alternate History Discussion
The largest alternate history discussion forum on the web, plus a directory of individual scenarios sorted by era.
Alternate History Wiki
Exhibits pages related to alternate histories.
B-49 Alternate History
Speculates on how military aviation history would have been different if the project had not been cancelled.
David Johnson's webpage
Mostly noteworthy for the long "TrolleyWorld" scenario, also has parts of zines from Point of Divergence.
Decades of Darkness
History of an evil USA dominated by slave owners.
For All Time
A very long and detailed dystopia resulting from the death of FDR shortly after Pearl Harbor.
History from the Closet
Finding the hidden truth through short history and archaeology tales.
Polish Zioty's Alternate History Page
A fun and interesting way of looking at how history could have been.
Shattered World
An extremely detailed World War 2 alternate history, with its own discussion board.
An anthology web comic strip that focuses on alternate history/reality. Also provides a showcase for alternate history stories.
Surreal History
Includes CSA Today, Balkanized North America and Moslem Australia.
This Day in Alternate History
A daily calendar with at least one alternate history scenario per day. Input on the scenarios or suggestions for new scenarios welcome.
Today In Alternate History
Weblog that features important events in history that never occurred today. Created by Robbie Taylor of College Station, Texas.
Uchronia: The Alternate History List
An annotated bibliography of novels, stories, essays and other material involving the 'what ifs' of history.
Union Lost
Features two alternate history scenarios.